-364 days I opened my inbox last Thursday, which I obviously shouldn’t have (it’s a public holiday), to be greeted with a certification reminder I got the day before telling me that some of my certifications expire in one year. One of the neat things Cisco has introduced in the past years is the option […]

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Championship continued

Happy! Excited! Grateful! Some of the words that describe how I felt mid-March, when I got an email welcoming me back to the Cisco Champions for the year 2024. So what is it?Using some of the highlights from the 2024 application as a reference, members: In order for everyone to feel included and create the

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Book goals 2023

One of my goals for 2023 was to read (or listen to) more books, not just whatever I’m studying for. Thinking back, I wasn’t sure if I reached my goal, but then I read over my listening stats email from Audible. 3,017 minutes… or ~50 hours of listening!This is in addition to reading The Phoenix

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Studying & workouts

I just realized that my motivation for working out (I never liked going to the gym) is a lot similar to how I approach studying. I mean, “getting into shape” as a goal is similar to “gaining knowledge” as a goal. And “be better at networking/python/whatever” is a lot like “be more healthy/eat better.”Either way,

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Celebrating wins… and losses

Cross posted from my LinkedIN In 2015 I achieved my Palo Alto Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) certification, and I renewed it in 2019 and 2021.Last week I attemped to renew but failed the exam.While I review my weak areas and prepare for another attempt it’s important to highlight that when we’re celebrating our wins

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OoCZ 2022 – Cisco Live

One of my favorite “moments” in 2022 spanned over a few days, or Cisco Live (Vegas) 2022I was planning for a big writeup, but I get lost in between being to detailed to trying to get rid of walls-of-texts and summarize more. Either way, I went way out of my comfort zone, and got introduced

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Ubuntu and AD

TL;DR: Setting Ubuntu up to authenticate SSH to AD and using AD groups to control access Historically, I’ve never been in the position where I’d have to set up a linux machine to authenticate to Active Directory, or wanted to.Decided to test this in my LAB today though. Basic idea/constraint: Be able to authenticate to

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And back to Cen….. nope.

So, there was this new article… Some people are desperately looking at this article in a way where this somehow “saves the day.”Like… as if the Red Hat teams had, within a single month, just abandoned a year worth of work and changed their minds. Aside from the fact that little to nothing actually changed

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