And back to Cen….. nope.

And back to Cen….. nope.

So, there was this new article… Some people are desperately looking at this article in a way where this somehow “saves the day.”Like… as if the Red Hat teams had, within a single month, just abandoned a year worth of work and changed their minds. Aside from the fact that little to nothing actually changed […]

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From CentOS to Ubuntu

Recently, CentOS announced some big changes to the future of CentOS.CentOS has been my OS of choice for all linux related projects, both personally and in business environments.Along with the initial announcements, there was somewhat a clear statement that CentOS would not be suited to run “production” environments. What followed was a heated debate if

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Starting out with nginx(+)

For testing and blogging(?) purposes, I have a few websites up & running.Until recently, they’ve been behind an f5 Application Delivery Controller (ADC), or more traditionally named: loadbalancer.No practical reason other than it gives me the environment I want to play around with f5 features (ASM, etc.) with “real” traffic, although 99.5% from myself and

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Yet Another Start

So, YAS. I haven’t “blogged” in a *really* long time.Though there have been a few unsuccessful attempts to begin again. I’m not saying this will be any different, but avoiding failures only keeps you back.Plus, this is a relatively insignificant, and privileged, obstacle anyway.This is, however, a part of a bigger picture on a personal

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