Book goals 2023

One of my goals for 2023 was to read (or listen to) more books, not just whatever I’m studying for.

Thinking back, I wasn’t sure if I reached my goal, but then I read over my listening stats email from Audible.

3,017 minutes… or ~50 hours of listening!
This is in addition to reading The Phoenix Project, a book I got at the Cisco Live conference in the US.

If someone had asked me how much time I spent reading or listening to non-study books, I would not have said 50+ hours.

It is one of the many reasons some suggest that you record your achievements as they happen, because it’s easy to forget all the small wins on the way.

Using a platform that provides these statistics for me is pretty neat, even if it’s only to “remind” me of them to keep me engaged.

Now I’m just hyped to see if I will read more this year 🙂

I should maybe review some of my other goals for last year to see how I did?