And back to Cen….. nope.

So, there was this new article…

Some people are desperately looking at this article in a way where this somehow “saves the day.”
Like… as if the Red Hat teams had, within a single month, just abandoned a year worth of work and changed their minds.

Aside from the fact that little to nothing actually changed in regards to CentOS, but now you just have more ways to access RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Now, at the time or writing we’ve yet to see how the new options will be phrased to see how they fit into things, but the damage is mostly done already.
For many CentOS users, they could have migrated to RHEL a long time ago if there was any interest for it.
And I expect that those who wanted to stay within a familiar environment they had already decided on migrating to RHEL, regardless of this announcement.

But do I want to “register” with RHEL and subscribe to a licensing model? Even though it’s “free”?

This is one of those moments where the giant has already started moving in one direction, and even though he may pick you up for a part of the journey, you probably don’t share the idea about the final destination.